Deborah Patton Indexing

919 Mount Elliot Ave. 
Staunton, VA 24401 


I use the per entry method, the per-indexable-page method, and the flat fee method for calculating rates the most. Occasionally I charge an hourly rate.

To calculate index entries, I use the statistics in my software which gives me a total number. This method I use most for journals and medical or scientific books. My rates range from $.45 per entry for simple names indexes, to $.85 per entry for subject indexes.

Most of my work is calculated using the indexable page method and the rates vary a great deal depending on the complexity of the material and the complexity of the index format. My rates fall anywhere in the range of $3.75 to $6.00 or more per indexable page - and this is negotiable to some extent. If there isn't time to nail a rate before getting started on the indexing, I generally suggest we look at a range for a particular job - such as $3.75 to $4.25 and tighten that up after I've gotten some of the index under my belt and we can be sure how complex the book is.

Text Reflow

There are times when text must reflow. I will tweak a completed index for at least two hours at no charge. For more extensive reflow situations, my charge is $45.00 per hour to make those adjustments. If a chapter needs to have two whole pages added to it, there is no charge because my software will do that easily. Or if a chapter needs to move to another spot in the book.

Some reflow may not be known when the index is completed, but I can help by sending an index in page number order in addition to the normal alphabetical order. This way someone can easily find entries on the pages affected and make the adjustment in the alpha-order index.